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 G. K. Construction Inc.

1169 Lane 11 1/2

Lovell, Wyoming 82431

(307) 548-6324

About Us

"Work Hard and Keep

Your Customers Happy"

Family Owned And Operated For Over 40 Years!

A Little About Us

G K Construction, Inc. is a business located in Lovell, Wyoming. G K Construction has been in business since 1978 and started out as a trucking company. With being in business for several years there have been many opportunities to grow and develop the business. In 1978, the business consisted of one truck, a set of trailers and two employees. Today, G K Construction has over 400 pieces of equipment and approximately 140 employees. 

Our business serves the bentonite industry with operations and facilities located in Lovell, Greybull, and Thermopolis. We mine bentonite and haul the product to the different locations for processing. We use several different mining techniques with our operation in the open pit mine areas. We do removal with dozers, rock trucks, excavators, scrapers, loaders, and blades.

With our hauling division we also haul coal, soda ash, gypsum, aggregate, and equipment.

Safety is a priority for G K Construction and we pride ourselves on making sure that all of our employees and staff have a safe working environment. We have been given many awards for our safety record, which is a reflection of our expert and qualified management team.

G K Construction has been able to build lasting relationships with our customers and pride ourselves with the professional services that we offer our customers.

​ Our philosophy for business is simple work hard and keep your customers happy by helping them obtain the best product possible.